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Video has become almost standard in social media and websites now and for marketing destinations and venues there are few better ways of highlighting the key benefits.

With HD, faster bandwidth and new tech such as drone based cameras video is the go to medium to promote tourism businesses.

We thought we'd gather a few of the videos on Ayrshire that we've seen in the past 48 hours as a wee example of just what's out there and then we'll put together a video library which Ayrshire businesses can delve into for their won websites and digital marketing.

Glenapp Castle

Great wee video that popped into our Facebook feed this morning. Really good video production and sort of Celtic feeling music but in our opinion would have had much more impact if it had a commentary. not sure if it is an official hotel video or not but does it promote the venue? For sure.

Troon From Above

First published around the time of The Open Championship last year but resurfaces regularly in local pages. If you have a Troon business you could do worse than embedding this wee piece into your site and social media channels. Archetypal poetic commentary over the top but it sounds and feels genuine and heartfelt. 

Golf Ayrshire Scotland

This one comes up a lot too and again if you are promoting golf in Ayrshire to any degree at all you need to be plugging this and videos like it into your website. It really empahasises the beauty and cahllenge of west coast links golf and even if it could benefit from a narrative it is still visually stunning. So take the embed code and get it on to your site and then share it with your golf pacakges.

Five Reasons Not to Visit Ayrshire

It might not suit everyone but a bit of Scottish banter and humour can hit the spot. First saw this last night and now it's had 50,000 plus views! Quite amusing, low production costs and hits its audience.


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